Move Your Readers Into New Levels of Engagement

How to Craft Minilessons

To Ignite & Engage Readers

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    How to CRAFT Minilessons that will Ignite & Engage your readers includes...

    **2 Template Choices for Planning Actively Engaging Minilessons

    ~~~~~~A blank minilesson planner template

    ~~~~~~A 'cheater' minilesson planner template (pictured)

    **Cheat Sheet for Planning Actively Engaging Minilessons

    **A Clear Structure for Planning Minilessons

    **Over 50 Possible Minilesson Topic Ideas

    ~~~~~~Arranged as possible reading units

    **Minilesson Brainstorming Pages

    The Crafting Minilessons Guide will lead you through the minilesson planning process I used for over 20 years that sparked my readers to actively engage in their independent reading. (And…pass that reading test at the end of the school year.) I know…I didn’t want to mention it, but I know it’s on your mind because that test remained in my thoughts for over 20 years when I was in the classroom. Grab your FREE How To Guide for planning MINILESSONS for your readers today.